Why I Chose to Study Software Engineering after all these years.

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

At a very young age I was introduced to computers and video games and was fascinated with them ever since. I learned the hardware of computers and began building or modifying computers around the age of 10. When I reached a certain age, probably around middle school, I learned about what each part of a computer did in detail, but never about how programs or applications worked(the languages or software that ran them).

I wasn’t particularly interested in the software side of computers and devices until an idea popped into my head: “How do I build my own video game or program?” This thought just sat in the back of my head as I went through high school and some college. After losing interest in the college route. I worked run-of-the-mill jobs to work and save money until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Fast-foward to 2020, when the pandemic hit, a lot of jobs were lost, and I gave my job to someone at my work who I felt needed it more than myself. Without a job. I looked to find something to do in the meantime until my work was able to have me back.

During this period where I had lots of time, I found Flatiron School and their programs. After looking through their website and seeing the programs they offer and what they are about, I thought: “This is the perfect opportunity for me to learn about software engineering.” I contacted an admissions lead, and they sent me to their boot camp prep course material. After going through, some of it(and loving it), I applied for enrollment and was accepted a few days later. I signed up for the Full-Time Software Engineering boot camp. With this boot camp, I will be learning the languages of Ruby and JavaScript as a foundation for the future start of my software engineering career. I chose to study software engineering because technology is a lifelong passion that I know I will never lose and I want to get involved in creating or developing applications to run on said technology. One of my goals has been to not always be a consumer, but a creator or producer as well at some point. I hope with this boot camp I can go on to develop software, learn more languages, and ultimately learn to develop software/applications either for myself or for someone who needs it.

Along the way of my journey through the boot camp, I will be creating projects and sharing them, as well as my thoughts/methods behind them in future blog posts. I am super excited to finally learn software engineering and where it can take me. Why didn’t I do it sooner?! I am a little new to blogging, so bare with me. Excited for what the future holds, and stay tuned for posts of my projects!

Recent Flatiron Boot Camp Grad. Pursuing my dream to become a software engineer, sharing what I can to help others that are new to coding.